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Welcome back mompreneur! I’m really excited about today’s topic because I know each and every one of you have felt social media overload. Hell, you might still feel complete social media overload NOW. Go ahead, nod your head as you have multiple apps open on your phone with a baby on your hip! I get it mamas.

It’s a whole different world right now and we rely heavily on social media as a primary means of communication and probably our primary way of business. The social media platforms are increasing every year and what’s happening is social media becomes a weapon of distraction in our business and life!

I mean, how many of you have a new notification popping up every five minutes? It’s so easy to fall down the social media rabbit hole. And to make matters worse, when we’re on social media we think we’re actually busy. But in reality, we unintentionally end up spending a lot of time on insignificant stuff, which further slows down our productivity.

Now I’m not here to make you feel bad or make you start hating social media. Trust me, I love social media, but in the last year I really had to analyze and take a closer look at how I was using social media. I’m not gonna lie moms, I thought I was being savvy when I took a boomerang photo of my son at the park and put it on Instagram. I mean, GO ME! I was multitasking…spending time with my son and putting it out there on the gram.

Can you guess what happened next? Yep, I fell down the Instagram scroll train and before you knew it, 20 minutes have passed!! 20 DANG MINUTES I missed out on quality time with my son.

Are you nodding your head because you’ve done this before. It’s ok! We’re human, not supermoms.

Alrighty, let me share with you some practical tips to work on and overcome social media overload. It’s almost like starting a whole new relationship with social media. At first you fell in love with it, then you fight with it, you break up, then you’re back together.

So let’s mend your relationship with social media so you can finally overcome the overload and create balance in your life. This is what we want, right?

  1. Create a morning routine that doesn’t involve jumping online or checking your phone. –journaling –morning walk –exercising –reading. You can do this by journaling for 10 minutes in the morning or you can go for a walk with your dog for 10 minutes in the morning or you can spend a little time reading a book. It’s really important to be present with yourself in the morning. I believe this sets up your day for positive momentum.
  2. Schedule a specific time in your day for social media. This is an important one! On each day I block in a specific amount of time that I spend on the social media platforms.  The major ones that I focus on are Instagram and Facebook, so I might block in 10 minutes in the morning for Facebook and Instagram then I might block in 10 minutes after lunch for Instagram and Facebook and then most likely I’ll block in maybe 10 to 15 minutes in the evening for Instagram and Facebook. Once my time is up I am finished because I know I will have more time the next day to answer DM’S and make connections with people on social media.
  3. Outsource – Find someone to help you with social media if you’re using it for business. There are many social media managers who are good at helping you do the job properly. If that’s not your main money-making activity, let someone else do it.
  4. Turn Off Notifications – This was a game changer for me! There must be parts of your day where social media doesn’t come into play. When you’re in a meeting; when you’re with your family; when you’re out with friends.
  5. Avoid Multitasking – Sometimes when you try to do too much at once, you end up sucked into the social media black hole because your brain is trying to get a break. Instead, when you’re on social media, only do social media that you’ve planned. When you’re with your family, be with your family.
  6. NEVER engage with negativity…this might sound obvious, but seriously, just move on! Trolls are everywhere on social media, but don’t give the trolls any attention! Delete them, block them, then move on. Engaging with them is just wasted oxygen!
  7. Don’t Lie to Yourself – Many times being “busy” feels good. It feels like you’re doing something and accomplishing something. But, the truth is, not all activities that make you busy are productive. It’s important that you develop the ability to be honest with yourself about why you’re doing something.
  8. When it comes to building your business on social media, focus solely on just 2 platforms. Dive deep, know the ins and outs, understand your analytics. You want to feel like a master when it comes to those platforms.

So those are my practical tips to work on and overcome social media overload. Trust me moms you’re not alone when it comes to social media. Just take it one day at a time and you will find that you are going to spend more time with your family and less time on social media. And that’s what we want. Till next time.

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