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Should You Delete the Social Media Apps? Here’s How I’ll Use Social Media Now.

I’m back from a 30 day social media break! A complete break with zero posts and zero engagement. Should you do it?

Find out what happened during the 30 days, my account results after zero posts & engagement, and what I’ll be doing now and what I’m encouraging you to do!

I think you’ll be a bit surprised by the results!

Here’s what happened when I deleted the social media apps:

For the first few days it felt weird not to open the apps and scroll. I had the urge to constantly look at Instagram or Facebook. But after a few days, it felt liberating and free to not be shackled to social media all the time. A burden was lifted off my shoulders.

With the deletion of the social media apps, I had more time to focus on the Podcast, which resulted in more monthly downloads. I had more time to focus on my current clients and their projects. I wrote better emails to my list. Within a week of my social media break, I signed a new client!

More importantly, I reanalyzed my business and set new goals that aligned with my values! (I suggest you do the same if you find social media frustrating.)


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So now what?

I still find social media valuable and I preach about being intentional. My time spent on the apps will be completely intentional with a few new rules:

I will use the social media apps as an extension of my long form content and I will only be on the apps between lunch and dinner! How’s that for intentionality!?

Here’s the funny thing… when I went back on Instagram, I GAINED followers! This proved that I can spend less time on the apps and more time on my long-form content!

What’s the point of the message?

I encourage you to spend less time on social and more time on your long-form content (content that you own!)

If you need help with this, please snag a Content Clarity Coaching Session. Before you know it, you’ll be creating less, but BETTER content for your business and you’ll stop depending on social media.

Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them. John 13:17

If you’d like to see how I simplify social media, come join me on Instagram.


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