6 Ingredients | Perfect Instagram Post

Six Ingredients to the Perfect Instagram Post

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Are you ready to WOW your audience with your posts on Instagram?

My good friend and Social Media Queen, Lora Shipman, was on the Show this week and she shares her 6 ingredients to the perfect Instagram post!

You do not want to miss this!

She shares the main purpose of social media and, of course, her expertise on the perfect post recipe. She goes into great detail on imagery, a killer first line, value, length, call-to-action and hashtags.

Lora is an entrepreneur at heart. She owns a Social Media consulting and management business – Shipman Media where she focuses on creating content, designing graphics, and social media advertising for her clients across the U.S. Lora also hosts her own podcast, “The Lora Shipman Show” (available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify) where she discusses industry trends and guides her audience through digital marketing and social media mini-trainings, all geared to be easy to consume and easy to execute.

Get ready to level up with Lora!

Lora Shipman


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