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Social Media Content Ideas – The Seven Circle Solution

Are you just stuck when it comes to thinking of content for Instagram or Facebook or even your email list? Do you feel like you’re on repeat? Take a deep breath because today I have an incredible content strategy for you, and I call it the seven-circle solution.

Are you ready for this seven-circle solution? Now, warning for this episode, you’re going to need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, but don’t worry, it’s nothing super fancy or hard. This is totally doable no matter your niche and once I go through this, you’re going to think to yourself, why didn’t I think of this before?

Coming up with content for social media can be such a drag sometimes. Or if you’re like me, sometimes you have this thought in your brain that you need to come up with something entirely new all the time. Let me tell you ladies, no you don’t.

I think when we’re on social media, we forget about the first part, social, the whole point of social media! Yes, we want to grow our business, but let’s not forget to be social. That is what I’m going to help with you today. So, grab that piece of paper and let’s get started. This is so simple and you’re going to really think, why didn’t I do this before? All right, here we go.

The first thing that we’re going to do, and you might’ve heard me talk about this before, and I call it Instagram categories. We are going to come up with content categories that you can use across all your platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Instagram stories, your email list, the list goes on.

On your piece of paper, you are going to draw seven circles. That’s right. I didn’t name it the seven-circle solution for nothing! Draw your seven circles. When you’re looking at these seven circles, they are going to represent each day of the week. Now don’t label them Monday through Sunday. We’re not going to do that.  You’re going to brainstorm categories that deal with either your personal life or your business.

I came up with seven categories that I’m going to share with you today and you can absolutely steal these categories to get started because these categories again, can be applied to any niche. So, for my first circle, I wrote ‘behind the scenes’ above the circle. That’s how I labeled my category.

The next one is motivation/Inspiration. I have ‘gratitude’, I have ‘my why’, I have an ‘about me’, ‘benefits’, and then ‘showcase product, service, or business’. Those are my seven categories. You can go ahead and write those down. That’s how I labeled my circles.

Now here’s another brainstorming activity. Within each circle come up with topics that have to do with each category. Here’s an example for behind the scenes:

The topics I came up with are: my planning process, typical morning routine, what do I find frustrating, a quick tutorial and where I typically work.

Let’s move on to motivation and inspiration. Some topics that you might put in there are: quotes, a person that inspires you, a book that inspires or motivates you, coffee, how I overcome a bad day, lessons I’ve learned to help others and special shout outs.

Under ‘Gratitude’ some topics I put in there: what am I thankful for, I’m thankful for coffee, Wi-Fi, people in my life, my phone and advice that I’ve received.

About me category: favorite way that I relax, something I love or hate, my favorite coffee, my favorite book, where I grew up, why I became an entrepreneur and admit to a failure.

Within each circle, your goal is to write down topic ideas that are not only related to the category, but also to you and your business. You’re also going to notice that some of the topics can cross over to other categories.

Take your piece of paper, tape it on your wall, tape it on your fridge, or maybe tape it on the inside of your planner. Every time you pull out your computer or your phone, you now have a plethora of ideas, content ideas, to put out there on social media.

After a few weeks, check your analytics and see which categories and topics get the best engagement. And here’s the key. This is a great way to repurpose great content.

When you’re ready to write your content, meaning your Instagram posts, Facebook, or even emails, or even your blog posts, remember what I said back in episode 9, which was how to get the engagement. Write your content to be relatable, educational or entertaining.

Look at all your categories and then all your topic ideas. That’s the number one thing to check. Make sure it’s relatable, educational and entertaining for your ideal audience.

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As always, stay on brand and happy posting. Until next time.


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