Photo of Helida Dodd, a white female with shoulder-length dirty blond hair wearing a sleeveless blue top in a laboratory.The words business 101 are you over complicating your ideas are underneath


Do you have a million business ideas but haven’t started any because it looks so overwhelming? So many of us, myself included, put our dreams off because we’re over complicating our ideas. If that sounds familiar, you need to hear Helida Dodd’s story.

Heilda went from industrial engineer to making perfume. Her story is amazing and will inspire you to just start that business idea! She shares

  • Her story and how having children (and morning sickness) were the basis for her going from an industrial engineer to making perfume.
  • How she realized she was over complicatingher idea
  • Her best advice for those wanting to start a product based business
  • When you should consider expanding into new products
  • Why you should make sure you’re super clear in your priorities when you’re ready to launch your business
  • Why commercial perfumes seem to last longer than those made with all natural ingredients.

Here’s Heilda’s inspiring story on video.

Photo of Helida Dodd, a white female with shoulder-length dirty blond hair wearing a sleeveless blue top. The words are you overcomplicating your ideas are underneath





















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If you’re full of ideas but never take them through to launch, listen to this episode. Helida’s  story about how the number thirty helped her realize she was over complicating her ideas. If her light bulb moment isn’t motivating, I’m not sure what is!

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Grab your beverage and listen below to get inspired to stop over-thinking your ideas.


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