The #1 Way To Build Trust With Your Avatar

How do we build trust with our avatar? That’s the ultimate question, isn’t it?
Have you asked yourself these questions before? How can I gain the trust of my audience? How can I get my audience to believe me, use my advice and work with me or buy my stuff?
Gaining trust can be hard when you’re starting out in business or you have a small audience. Perhaps you don’t have many testimonials yet.
Here’s the harsh truth. It takes time. To make an impact on your audience, you must prove to them that you’re the expert in your niche. That doesn’t happen overnight.
There’s a lot of people out there that do what you do…so much competition.
We’re in a time that information is easily accessible through podcasts, social media, video and more. And that information is available for…you guessed it…for FREE!
Now stay with me. I’m not trying to be a Debbie Downer! Let’s keep in mind that a lot of the information available out there is super generic. It lacks the ability to build online relationships.
This is good news for you.
Your audience is not looking for a generic answer to their problem. They want to be seen and heard and they want that answer dedicated to them!
Can you visualize the difference now?
The trust factor is so important when it comes to building “real” relationships with your audience.
Bottom line! You need to build a relationship with your audience so they will trust your recommendations. (And I’m talking free and paid recommendations…you need to offer both)
So how do you do this? Here’s the #1 way to build trust with your avatar.
Consistent-high quality-value driven emails.
You can be all over social media. You can produce videos. You can talk your head off on a podcast, but to win the trust of your avatar, you need to send them emails.
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever worked with someone or bought something from an entrepreneur/coach/or mentor WITHOUT being on their email list? I bet most of you are saying NO right now.
Your social media platforms are like your front porch. It’s inviting. It’s cozy and cute. Your avatar starts to know and like you, but they don’t trust you yet to walk through your front door.
EMAILS are the door to trust!
When your audience receives regular, high-quality emails that are useful and free of banners and sales pitches, they will trust you. You should always GIVE more than what is expected. Give them value that helps solve their pain points.
Now what does consistent mean? Well, that’s up to you! Some copywriters say once a week, others say 2-3 times per week. You decide what your consistent email pattern will be and STICK TO IT!
Here are some ways to build trust in your emails, beyond the valuable content you will deliver.
Try to include more contact details in your email. Beyond the mention of your email address, go further. If you’re a brick and mortar, include your address and phone number. If you’re an online entrepreneur, include your social media accounts.
Another tip is to use the same sender name (preferably your real name and not your business name) throughout your emails. Recently, I changed my sender name from boss lady in sweatpants to Allison Scholes. I want to establish greater trust with my subscribers.
Your email should include some branded elements (but not too many to be flagged as spam). Include your logo, tagline and sprinkle in your color scheme. Highlight bold text or lines with your brand colors.
Another great tip. Use testimonials in your emails as a way to build trust.
You also want to make sure your emails are mobile ready. Most people read their emails on their phone.
One thing I will mention beyond high quality emails. These emails won’t matter if your website isn’t appealing and functions correctly. When your avatar is ready to make that decision to work with or buy from you, your website needs to steer them in a clear direction.
Your website reflects you and your business.
Have you ever walked down a street and stopped at a beautiful window display, then walked into the shop and “holy mess and confusion”? What did you do? I bet you walked right out of that shop. Just keep in mind that your website needs to be well-designed and functional.
Okay, I’m off my website soapbox now. Back to your emails…be human in your emails, share stories, share value and don’t forget to ask questions. Listen to the feedback they give you…the answers you seek lie in the feedback you receive.

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