Instagram DM's

The Do’s and Don’ts in your Instagram DM’s


Welcome back! This is episode 38 and today’s MINI-cast is the DO’S AND DON’TS in your DM’s.

My mini cast episodes are an extension of my Podcast, where I give quick tips, trends, hacks and more so you can take action now.

Alrighty…this topic has me on fire.

I’m gonna get real…you might here me get a little fired up or angry in this episode, BUT something happened to me awhile ago in my DM’s and I’m not gonna lie…it totally pissed me off! This 1 small action by someone got this person blocked from my account.

Now I know you don’t want to be blocked on Instagram, right?

So let me tell you what went down!

You guys…DON’T DO THIS!!!!

Let me say that again…DON’T. DO. THIS!

Instagram is NOT the platform for you to blast your crap in DM’s! DM’s are a conversation vessel that leads to relationships and it’s your JOB to nurture those relationships!

If your intent on Instagram is purely to find leads and make sales, well…you better find a different career path because you will go down in flames.

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking…”Allison, I want to DM people and maybe eventually it’ll lead to a cool working relationship, so what do I do in my DM’s?”

  1. Start with your warm market, your followers, and figure out their name!
  2. Send them a DM using their name and compliment them on the content they are putting out in the world.

THAT’S IT! And do it again and again and again!!!! There’s no magic recipe or perfect pitch to make DM’s work for you. YOU need to work in your DM’s and do it over and over and over again to build and nurture relationships. THIS is the know-like-trust factor.


But seriously, approach your DM conversations the same way you would approach a person at Starbuck’s while you’re waiting for your Vanilla Soy Latte! You say hi and give someone a compliment on their jacket or their scarf…in Instagram, do the same thing, compliment their post or their message.

That’s how to you GROW on Instagram!

OK! I feel better…how about you?

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