The Secrets To Attracting Your Ideal Audience With Video

What does video, a rodeo, and a TV anchor have in common?

This combo grabs your attention. And if you’re ready to grab the attention of your audience through video, then you’re going to love my guest, Virginia Kerr. She’s a former TV news anchor turned host and business owner. She helps women stand out on video and grow their businesses. And why did I mention a rodeo? Well, listen in…


Why do you think video is important for social media and your overall marketing? (02:55)

How does someone get started with video? (04:18)

Best tips for when we’re ready to hit that big, scary red record button? (06:32)

When it comes to video, what is something that you wish you would have known or tried sooner? (10:52)

Are you a fan of editing your videos? And if you do edit, what are your favorite editing apps? (15:34)



Connect with Virginia on Instagram @thisisvirginiakerr, http://www.thisisvirginiakerr, or on TikTok @videotipsforsocialmedia or @thisisvirginiakerr


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