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The Two Biggest Mistakes New Course Creators Make

How would you like to expand your income with online courses?

Today, you’ll discover the types of courses that are profitable, the two mistakes new course creators make, the tools you need, and what’s different about building a course this year!

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Excerpts from the interview:

What types of course ideas are profitable?

I think the biggest mistake I see when courses don’t sell, is that people assume it’s the marketing that went wrong. When it comes to finding a truly profitable idea, there’s this principle from direct response copywriting.

It’s called the 40/40/20 rule. This principle talks about what is involved in a buyer’s decision. 40% of their decision is, do they want the offer? 40% is, are they in the right audience? The last 20% that is all of the creative, copywriting, and the design.

This means 80% of their decision is based on, are you selling the right thing to the right buyer? When you’re thinking of your profitable course idea, you have to figure out not just what are your skills, what are your passions…those are important. That’s one piece of a Venn diagram.

But you also need that overlapping circle from your audience of what the existing desire they already have. How can you position your course as a solution to help them solve that existing problem.

This principle makes selling easier because now you’re not forcing people to buy.

How can an entrepreneur figure out their audience’s need?

I talk about this concept called the profitable course formula.

There are three pieces to any profitable course idea. The first one is the audience. The other two pieces are the actionable strategy you teach and the existing desire that your buyer has.

Here’s the difference. Let’s say somebody wants to earn money online. That’s a desire to increase income. You can usually tell it’s a desire because there’s some level of increasing or decreasing. People want to decrease their anxiety; they want to increase their income.

There’s often the up or down sensation with the desire. And there’s a gap between where your buyer is today and where they want to be. But if somebody wanted to earn more money, they could find a new job. They could start an Etsy store; they could do Amazon drop shipping.

They could create and sell online courses. There are so many different actionable strategies you could use to reach that desired goal. This is why it’s so important to pair the two. You need an actionable strategy that helps your specific audience member reach their existing desire. And when you piece those three together, that’s when you’ll really have the makings of a profitable course idea.

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