I’m sure you’ve heard this term and found yourself trying to live up to this made up stigma.

Guess what? The term Supermom is wrong and misleading! I believe you don’t need to be “extra super” to be a great mom, an amazing business owner and happy. All three of these things can coexist without super powers.

It’s called TIME BLOCKING and it’s how I maintain a balanced and happy mompreneur lifestyle. I was introduced to time blocking over a year ago by my business mentor.

time blocking

Before time blocking, my days were chaotic and by the evening I felt I accomplished nothing. I would stress about the to-do list for the next day. In reality, my kids were fed and alive, house was still standing and business was growing. But because I had no system of goal setting, planning and blocking time in my week, I didn’t see the day-to-day accomplishments, even if they weren’t big.

So here we go!

First and foremost, if you want to alleviate stress and take back control over your existence, then you MUST purchase a planner! And not just a calendar that hangs on your wall or use your calendar in your phone; legit, a real 8.5 x 11 paper planner to write in. (I’m an old soul so grab that pencil.)

I use a Tools4Wisdom planner and I love it. This planner has everything, from personal goals and ideas to essential business goals for the year and month!

Tools 4 Wisdon

Now remember those massive goals you set for the year? Come on, you remember! Don’t let those goals float away. YOU GOT THIS, and I’m going to show you how to break it down by time blocking (I’m finally getting to that part.)

Any goal you have for the year, break it down into monthly action steps! For each action step, break that down into 4 weekly tasks. Now in your new beautiful planner, TIME BLOCK for the week when you’ll work on each task.

I like to work in what I call, POWER HOURS. I schedule my tasks in 1-2 hour windows spread out in the week that works around my family. See what I wrote there, “works around my family!” Setting up your business to work around your family and not the other way around will make you and your family a lot happier.

For each week, I look to see what’s going on in our life (school stuff, sports, appointments, etc.) and I fill it in my planner. Then I add power hours throughout the week, only focusing on 1-2 major business tasks. One week I might schedule writing captions and batching a couple blog posts. Then the next week I might schedule 1-2 photo shoots and a podcast interview.

Having a clear plan and a method for breaking down your goals will set you up for success and help you enjoy the process as well. Of course, real life does get in the way, so if something in your planner doesn’t get done, it’s OK! Give yourself grace, move it somewhere else and move on. We are human, not fictional superheroes.

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