how to create a visual brand | Why Your Personal Style Matters to Represent Your Brand

Why Your Personal Style Matters to Represent Your Brand

Ready to create a visual brand that truly represents you? You have the power to control how people perceive you, all through your visual branding and personal style.

Today I am joined by Alison Bruhn and Delia Folk, founders and owners of The Style That Binds Us. In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The story behind the company, The Style That Binds Us
  • How to use fashion as a tool to achieve your goals
  • How to present yourself to the world
  • What is a visual brand
  • How female entrepreneurs can find their personal style to reflect their brand.

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You have the power to control how people perceive you, all through your visual branding and personal style.


How to Create a Visual Brand

Fashion can and should be used as a tool to achieve your goals

When you think through how you want your brand to look like, your personal style needs to be reflected in your brand. A first impression might sound cliché, but it’s true. How you present yourself on social media, your first impression, matters. But beyond your first impression, consistency matters too.

It’s also key to know that how you feel on the inside matches how you present yourself on the outside. It’s important for your brand that you’re not sending mixed messages to your brain. You also don’t want to confuse your audience too.

To create your persona, how you present yourself and who you are as a person needs to match. Your personal brand is not only how you speak and how you act, but it’s also how you look as well. You represent your brand. Your brand is you.

What is a visual brand?

A visual brand is knowing that you are representing yourself.

Your visual brand is what you’re putting out into the world without verbalizing it. It happens before you even start talking. You can lose people before you even open your mouth.

When we are thinking of our visual brands, we shouldn’t just get hung up on the fact that I always must look my best or it must be perfect. I think we need to look at it in a way where this is my opportunity to build trust and credibility with my audience.

We must make sure that we are carrying that visual brand consistently on all platforms. How we act and speak and how we dress in public.

How to figure out your personal style

Know your body type first!

Know your body type and what clothes work for you and what clothes do not work for you, and what colors work best for you. Once you know those, you’re three steps ahead.

Then you can start to envision what your personal brand is going to be. No one must have a personal style that is always the same unless that’s what they want.

Ask yourself these questions too. How do I feel in this? Does this look like me? What colors do I like?

For moms, it’s especially important to come back to yourself apart from who you are as a mom or a business owner, and just think about who you are authentically, because that will make all the rest of it work naturally.

What should women be thinking about when it comes to what they’re wearing for photos?

Use Google to search head shots and screen shot a couple that you like and that you feel you could see yourself in the pose. How do you feel when you look at those headshots?

Then think of three or four words that describe your brand, your company, and send those to the photographer ahead of time. Communicate the vibe you’re aiming for.

Wearing solid colors is best depending on the background. Also, plan. Don’t wait until the day before the photo session. Be mindful of any distractions, like big earrings, etc.

Remember, fashion is your nonverbal communication to the world of who you are. You say so much without speaking and it’s less about creating a persona that isn’t really you. That can be hard, and you can get very lost in it.

It’s going to be much easier to create something that feels very natural to you and your business, and that makes sense. Online you want to build a brand and lifestyle that your customers, your audience, can relate to and buy into.

Before you go, I’d love to share my free personal branding workbook. Enjoy!


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