Vertical graphic with a grey outer border of about an eighth the size of the graphic. The top third of the remaining space has a photo of Christine Sarno, an Asian-Amerian female with dark brown hair worn back except for a few tendrils styled on either side of her face. She is wearing a dark red top with a small collar and posed outside in front of a brick wall and some type of greenery. There is a stylized play button with a pinkish-red background and white arrow. It is centered in the overall width of the graphic, with it half on the photo and half on the white background of the remaining portion of the center area. Centered in this white area are the words how to grow your Wealth, an ampersand, protect on the next, and Your Future on the third line. These are all in black. Under this, in a blue script font, is Episode 143. Centered both vertically and horizontally on the bottom border of the grey and white area is a pink-ish square with the words listen to the episode in white. This graphic is found in the blog post titled You Are Worthy And Capable Of Powerful Financial Freedom, Momma for episode 143 of the Social Media for Mompreneurs podcast titled How to Create Financial Freedom and Be More Intentional in Your Life.



Maybe you started your business to gain financial freedom. Or it might have been to create more wealth for your family to enjoy more things in your life. Or maybe you’re determined to make more money to retire early. Perhaps you want to provide for your kids’ college or add extra vacations from time to time.

Whatever your goals are, it’s not easy to be in business. Especially as women. Sometimes it even can cause anxiety over your future or even confusion on what to do with your money.

You’re far from alone in this, momma. I’ve brought help for us all today.

My friend, Christine Sarno, is here to help you establish a financial platform to help with your peace of mind and so much more.0

In this episode, Christine and I chat about:

  • How social media can define our financial, business, and other outlooks on life in both positive and negative ways
  • Is 6 figures the be-all for business goals?
  • How you can start taking steps to be more intentional in getting the financial independence and security you desire


Prefer Video? Here’s Christine And I Chatting About Financial Freedom And More.



Vertical graphic with a champagne background and thin purple rounded line on the left edge on just the middle third and on the right edge on just the bottom third. Centered in the top eighth of the graphic on two lines are the words new podcast this week in black. The remaining middle of the graphic has a representation of a smartphone. The non-screen areas of the phone are in an off-white color often referred to as linen. The screen background representation is a slightly darker color sometimes called antique white. Centered in the upper third of the screen area of the smartphone representation is a square photo of Christine Sarno, an Asian-Amerian female with long dark brown hair with light brown highlights at the ends which is worn down. She is wearing a white long-sleeved v-neck top and standing in front of a blurred background. Directly below this, centered and at the same width, are the words how to grow your wealth and protect your future in a black cursive-like font. Under this is a representation of player controls and a play progress bar with the elapsed time on the right and the remaining time on the left. Under that is a dark, midnight blue rectangle with the words listen now in white centered within it. This is for Episode 143 of the Social Media For Mompreneurs Podcast titled How to Create Financial Freedom and Be More Intentional in Your Life and found in the blog post titled You Are Worthy And Capable Of Powerful Financial Freedom, Momma.



This conversation is so impactful but was also a lot of fun. I know you are going to enjoy it and come away feeling so much better about money and finances.


Be Sure To Listen To Learn More About:

  • How we as leaders in our communities, both virtual and in real life, can show up without contributing to the toxic positivity we see so much
  • The first steps in getting to your place of financial security
  • If we are, as women, deserving of our dreams as we are, or do we have to “earn” that somehow (Spoiler: The Answer is Heck, Yes, We Are!)

About Christine

Christine runs a financial services practice that is dedicated to empowering women in their journey for financial freedom. She is passionate about providing her clients with security and strategy and helping them make the most of their money while providing a solid plan for the future. She focuses on a comprehensive approach to financial planning through wealth management, protecting her clientʼs loved ones, income, and assets, and laying out mindful, intentional strategies in both their personal lives and with their businesses.

Connect with Christine:


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