Photo of Jessica Stansberry, a white female with long blonde hair, under the words new YouTube vs podcsting which is better for your business




You’ve probably noticed I’ve been putting the video recording of the podcast on YouTube for a couple of months Today my guest, Jessica Stansberry, is going to help you figure out if you should start YouTube or podcasting for your business.

You may remember Jessica from our episode in October 2021 where we talked about passive income. Today she is sharing what you need to know to decide if a podcast or a YouTube channel is best suited for your business.

Jessica shares:

  • What ways do YouTube channels out perform podcasts
  • Where do podcasts out shine a YouTube channel
  • What 3 things would she base a decision between the two on

Here’s the YouTube Video Of Our Conversation About YouTube VS Podcasts


Photo of Jessica Stansberry, a white female with long blonde hair. Under it is the words YouTube vs podcasting.


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Jessica and I talk about bees, making home-made bread and biscuits, and how choosing the best growth channel between YouTube and podcasting helped her get to 6 figures. You’ll learn:

  • What 2 scenarios make the number of subscribers matter on YouTube
  • Her top two tips for new YouTubers
  • What purposes playlists serve for a channel owner on YouTube.

Jessica is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and scale their income. She helps them work less while hitting their income goals with content that sells for them. Connect with her on YouTube and Instagram.

Listen in to get Jessica’s help in choosing between YouTube and podcasting for your business.


Full Transcript Below!

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