Branding Strategies

Strategies to start branding yourself Are you posting great content?  Are you consistent with your posts? Is there little to no engagement with your audience? As entrepreneurs, business owners, or bloggers, you have to teach yourself how to stand out from the rest.  What makes you unique?  What do you offer that is different from […]

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Personal Growth Books for YOU and your business

I find that when entrepreneurs dive into their business, some can lose focus on themselves and/or their business.  In the end, the lack of focus can have a negative impact. Personal growth is so important. Today, I’d like to share three books that have helped my journey as an entrepreneur. My “Go-To” books: Business Boutique. […]

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New Hydration Innovation

updated September 6, 2017 Active Hydration Serum So let’s talk about my new “MUST HAVE!” I started using this new innovation, Active Hydration Serum, about 3 months ago! O H  M Y  G O S H ! It’s the BOMB! After just one use my skin was so well hydrated WITHOUT feeling oily. So here’s […]

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