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Hey. I’m Allison Scholes. My mission is to help female entrepreneurs create content in an authentic, easy, simple and fun way.

I believe the content creation process should be exciting and easy, not time consuming! I am here to help you streamline your content creation plan, define and fine tune your personal brand, elevate your marketing skills, write better copy, implement an easy social media strategy and more. It’s finally time to create less, but BETTER content that makes a BIGGER impact.

In this Podcast, you will find creative copy and content tips, hacks for social media and sales, business growth secrets, and expert guests who will help you blow up your business and bank account. Find exciting content creation episodes, branding strategies, social media hacks and more.

It’s time to streamline your content plan and show up as your most authentic you!

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How would you like to be featured on my Podcast? Simply record your business, branding, or content creation frustrations or struggles and I’ll give my expert advice on the show. Please be sure to include your name, business name and website. Seriously the best of both worlds — free coaching and more exposure for your business!

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Starting my own Podcast was the best thing I ever did for my business, and for myself! I’m conquering fears and self-doubt all the time. My business is growing. My audience is growing and I’m making some incredible connections.

Do you think Podcasting might be for you? Should you launch your own show?

Luckily for you, I’ll share EXACTLY how I did it! I trusted my business coach and invested in Podcast Pro University. 

Seriously, this course holds your hand through every step and detail to launching your own Podcast! You will not be left in the dark!

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