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Easy Hack for Endless Video Content

If the title didn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will! We all want access to endless content, but we don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it. Today I have an excellent and easy hack for you to have endless video content for your business.

A little backstory here, I have an awesome client that I have been working with for my gosh, probably over a year, and we got her website up. She’s been writing some blog posts, but she came to me and said, “Allison, I really want to get into making video.” But of course she was worried about the time commitment to video, so I suggested to her, “Hey, Why not start a YouTube channel?”

I’m going to tell you right now; you do not need to be a video master or be a video master at editing to start a YouTube channel. The whole point is just to get started and to get your face and your message out there. So I challenged her with creating one long form video for the month. Did you hear what I just said?

One Piece of Long Form Video Content

One. All she had to do was record herself for an amount of time, and she now has one long form video. Now here’s the cool thing. When I say long form, she is not talking for 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Her long form video is only about eight minutes long. It might even be a little less, but it’s about eight minutes long.

And in just one week we were able to extract five different videos. Three of those are reels for Instagram and two of them are for Facebook. And let me tell you, we’re not done with just that one video that she made. So here’s the whole point of this episode — it is to encourage you to create that one piece of long form video.

I was going to say long form content, but you can do this if you are writing blog posts or even recording a podcast episode. But for today’s purposes, we’re talking about video. Create one video and make sure that that video is just filled with different tips and ideas. I believe that my client’s video starts with a couple of ideas, and then she gives a couple of solutions.

How To Repurpose Video Content

All we’re doing is we are extracting one piece of the idea or one piece of the solution. Then we are making reels. We are making short form video and sharing it on her social media platforms. But her call to action is to drive traffic to that one YouTube video, that one long form video. That is the hack today that you can create one video.

You don’t need the perfect setup. She used her phone. Put it on a tripod. Make sure that you don’t have a distracting background. Make sure that you have your bullet points and your main ideas. Maybe you need to put it on a post-it note and put it on your phone. Just speak to your audience from your heart.

All you need to do is record yourself on your phone. You can start with maybe four to five minutes. Then what we did is we uploaded the long form video and put it into the DeScript platform.

The Best Editing Tool for Video Content

It’s a great tool, it’s an editing tool, and what I love about this tool is it will not only edit your video, but it’ll do the transcription and the audio. So going forward with her one long form video we now have the transcription that we can turn into a blog post, or she can take bits and pieces of that.

And now she has Instagram content that she can do static posts, and now she’s got her captions. But we can also take the audio pieces, take little bits of the audio pieces and put it over reels when she doesn’t want to show her face. Are you seeing that one piece of long form content can be endless pieces of content for you in your business?

So next month or the following month, we can transcribe this into a blog post for her. Now she’s got content for her website. Then she can take the audio pieces and make faceless reels when she’s not in the mood to show her face. We can take the audio pieces and overlay it on a static photo for Instagram or even Facebook.


Your Content Pillars for Video Content

I challenge you today, I want you to take a look at your content or your content pillars (what you want to be known for), and I want you to create one video with ideas, tips, solutions. Hit your audience’s main pain point and give them a solution.

That’s your one piece of long form content. Upload that to your YouTube channel, and now using the editing tool DeScript, you can now chunk out or pull out little bits and pieces of content and you can make reels. You can make short form videos on Facebook. You can share it to your email list, you can transcribe it, and now you have a blog post, or you can start a podcast.

And now from the video that you just recorded; you now have the audio piece for your podcast. You have endless pieces of content from one video. So my friend, you do not need to be spending a ton of time creating content. This is one easy hack that you can do.

The 12-Month Content Guide

Now, if you need ideas, if you’re kind of like, “okay, Allison, this sounds great, but I don’t know where to start.” Do me a favor, grab the 12 month content guide because I give you all the content ideas you can possibly need for your business.

There are 48 pieces of content, long form content in that guide, and then I even give you all the social media content that you need for the year. And here’s the best part, you rinse and repeated every single year because nobody remembers what you created.

Take some action in your business. Create one piece of content. And then make sure you are pulling bits and pieces to repurpose.

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