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Here you will find all of my Canva templates, content guides, workshops and masterclasses. Enjoy browsing the shop!

Planning Products

Introducing an interactive & linked 12-Month Digital Content Planner for coaches, bloggers, Podcasters, YouTubers and service-based entrepreneurs. All your social media content planning needs in one spot!

graphic with a calendar showcasing the digital content planner by Allison Scholes

The 12-month calendar makes it EASY to plan and visualize your content.  Within the digital content planner, each page is linked for easier navigation! Month by month, you’ll have the ability to map out your monthly content. You’ll also have the ability to use the weekly sheets to specify your main topic, social media platforms, and the types of posts you’ll create.

This digital content planner also has 40+ content ideas to make the content creation process easier and faster! Also comes with a video tutorial.

The planner can be used digitally in GoodNotes, in any PDF annotation tool, or print at home.

Here’s what’s included:

😊 12-month calendar for monthly planning

😊 Weekly planners including main topic or focus section, space to plan or repurpose content on your social media platforms, and a check list of your post formats

😊 Monthly Insights worksheet to review your analytics and choose your best content!

The Simple Business Content Plan

In this self-guided training, I’ll present you with a very simple business content plan to help you save time, but get the growth and visibility you desire. Through a training video and a workbook, you’ll have everything you need to plan out your year and get the growth you desire WITHOUT adding more to your plate. You might already be doing some of this but you’re just missing a couple of pieces; this quick and easy training will help you put all the pieces together to build your dream business with ease and simplicity.

Content Creation Products

The 12-Month Content Guide

All of my secrets for planning and creating content in less time are waiting for you inside this 92-page downloadable PDF guide.

graphic of an iPad and sheets of paper showcasing the 12-Month Content Guide by Allison Scholes

It’s finally time you simplify your content creation strategy!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside:

✔️ 48 long-form content ideas with hooks/headlines 

✔️ 60 social media caption prompts (most are fill-in-the-blank to customize)

✔️ 60 social media Canva Templates

✔️ 92-page workbook

✔️ Google doc to copy/paste the prompts easily (who wants to type all that out!)

✔️ Training video – you get to meet me face-to-face, plus I teach you how to use the guide effectively (no guessing on your part.)

graphic showcasing Instagram Canva Templates

Playful Summer Instagram Post Canva Templates for entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and social media managers.

Download immediately and use this Instagram Post Canva Template Pack to create fun and stylish posts in just minutes.

20 templates included: mockups, lists, promotional, quotes, and more.

olive background with cell phone mockup and 10 black friday graphics

Black Friday/Holiday graphics for entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and social media managers.

Download immediately and use Canva to customize.

10 square Instagram posts, 3 Facebook Page banners, 3 Email banners.

Very excited to give you the ultimate power pack to help you build your brand and presence amongst other platforms. Streamlining your brand across all your platforms helps build your authority and makes you recognizable!

In this pack, you get 30 graphics (5 each):

Instagram square posts, Instagram long posts (1080 x 1350), Instagram story posts, Pinterest pins, Facebook Covers, and Instagram Reel Covers.