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How to Create a Simple Business Content Plan – Part 2

Last week, I covered part 1 of the Simple Business Content Plan (see here.) Today is part 2, and we’re focusing on your quarterly business focus and quarterly offers.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • your quarterly business focus
  • how to identify your quarterly offer
  • your visibility focus
  • your project focus
  • your sales focus
  • how it all ties into your monthly content

You’ll walk away with a simple business content plan. Are you a visual learner? Snag the training and workbook HERE.


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Before moving on, please be sure to read/listen to part 1 of the “how to create a simple business content plan” series.

Now that you know the 5 key pieces to your simple business content plan, we’re now going to tie it all together with your quarterly focus and offer.

Quarterly Focus

For each quarter, begin with your main offer. What is your main focus? What do you want to sell for the quarter?

Once you have that established, you can now decide on your quarterly visibility focus, project focus, and sales focus that relates to your main offer of the quarter.

Visibility Focus: What is one way you will grow new leads? Not your current community/audience. How will you get in front of new audiences? You could focus on podcast interviews, guest blog writing, or guest trainings in Facebook groups.

Project Focus: What’s one thing you’ll create for the quarter that will help grow your email list and drive interest to your quarterly offer? This can be a new lead magnet, webinar, Facebook training series, etc.

Sales Focus: How will you boost sales for the quarter? You could offer discounts, use affiliates, have a specific sale (Black Friday deals), or add a bonus to your main offer.

Just keep this in mind: whatever your main focus/offer for the quarter is, make sure the content you create for the quarter relates to or points back to your main offer.

I go into great detail on the podcast with examples, so please listen here:

And don’t forget to grab the in-depth training on the Simple Business Content Plan right here!

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