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How to Create a Simple Business Content Plan – Part 1

Today I am going to help you simplify your business model, your content, and your quarterly plans.

When we overcomplicate our business, we easily get distracted, overthink everything, lose sales and clients. And then we start wondering why we started our business in the first place. Let’s not overcomplicate the process. You know me. I am a big fan of doing less to get more out of our business and make a bigger impact.

And we’re just going to simplify it. Today I’m going to give you permission to do less when it comes to content, and it’s not going to slow your business down. If anything, it’s going to give your business a boost and get that momentum going that you want for yourself.

The five key pieces to your business content plan

You’ve heard me say it before and I’m going to say it again, and that is your long form content, your long form platform. What will be, or what is your long form content platform? This is either a podcast, video, which is a YouTube channel, or a blog on your website. Now, if you have one of these already, one of them should be your primary focus.

If you don’t have one, if you prefer to speak, choose a podcast. If you love showing up on video, start a YouTube channel. And if you prefer to write, start a blog. This number one piece is the most crucial piece you can have in your business content model. Why? It’s because it’s yours. You own it. You notice that I did not mention social media.

If you are trying to grow your business solely on social media, that is not sustainable. You are going to get so burnt out by social media if you’re not already. Most entrepreneurs I talk to these days are so burnt out and they’re so sick of social media. I want you to concentrate on your long form content platform.

That should be your primary focus. So that is one piece to your business content model.


The second piece is your community. Your audience. How are you nurturing? How are you making relationships? Where will you show up consistently to build your community? I highly recommend that you only need to choose three spots.

You don’t need to be everywhere. You don’t need to be on every social media app. So for example, the three that you can choose, and I’m sure there’s more that you can choose, but it can be your private Facebook group. It can be your Facebook business page, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, or even your email list.

I know that your email list is not a social media platform, but building your community in your email list is highly effective.

Email marketing

Now number three, the third piece to your business content model, and I’ve already kind of mentioned it, that is email marketing.

We can’t skimp here. It’s one thing to build community on social media, but building your list, number one, because you own it and nurturing relationships through email marketing is not only how you make more sales but retain customers. Don’t skimp on email marketing. I would rather see you choose only two social media platforms and have email marketing versus three social media platforms.

cause if you are feeling overwhelmed with getting emails out to your list and showing up on social media, I would prefer that you focus on email marketing. Because that is truly how you are going to get more sales and retain those customers. If someone comes across one of your Instagram stories and you have a low ticket offer and they just happen to buy it, and then that’s it, they never hear from you again. Remember, 2% of your audience sees your stuff on social media, so they may have interacted with your Instagram story.

But in the next few weeks, they may never see your content again. And if you’re not following up and you’re not nurturing that customer through email marketing, you may never see that person ever again. Most of your sales, most of your business is going to be through repeat customers. We know this through just marketing in general.

That’s what happens. Repeat customers. The way to do that is to have an email marketing plan. So set a goal and determine how often you will send an email to your list and be consistent for the next 90 days. See how it goes. See how it feels. If you’re not doing any email marketing right now, then you might want to start emailing your list maybe once a month or twice a month.

If you’re only doing it twice a month right now and you feel you can do more, start emailing your list once a week and maybe knock off one of your social media platforms that you don’t feel great about and you don’t like showing up on. Knock it off your list for the next 90 days and see how it is. Look at your metrics.

Analyze at the end of the quarter to see how all these pieces are working together.


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Your offers

Now, the fourth piece to your business content model. This might sound kind of obvious. But it’s important to write it down so we can visually see how everything fits together. What are your offers? What are you selling?

Whether it’s a physical product or a service. Whether you have a membership or you do one-on-one coaching, group coaching, write it down. What are your offers? What are you selling?

Marketing Plan

And then the fifth piece to this is your marketing plan. Where will you show up? We’ve already established that through your community, but how often?

That is up to you. There is not a set marketing plan out there that works for every entrepreneur. I’m going to tell you right now, I want you to create a marketing plan that fits you, that fits your life. How often do you want to be showing up for your community, especially on social media? And then what types of posts will you create?

What feels good to you? Do you want to dabble in reels? Go for it. I’m not saying you must do reels every week or every day. Do you want to do static posts or just images of yourself sitting at your desk? Do you want to create carousels or infographics or quotes? You do what feels right to you, and if you’ve already been showing up on these social media platforms, especially Instagram, use your analytics, go to your insights through the settings.

Take a look at what posts have already been working. You can look at the ‘like’ count, which I don’t think that’s a good metric to look at, but you can, but you really should be looking at the engagement rates. Look at what post is getting you the highest engagement. Create more of that.

So those are the five key pieces to your business content model.

It is your long form content platform. That’s where you start. Then you’re building your community. You are nurturing them through email marketing. You have your offers, what are you selling? And then you are going to establish your marketing plan.

How your Simple Business Content Plan works

Now, here’s the whole point of this. You start with number one; long form content and you share it with your community per your marketing plan.

Share it to your email list and make sure that what you offer or sell relate to your long form content. Then your whole business content model makes sense. In the end, you’re creating less but better content because all the pieces fit together. Your audience knows exactly what you’re all about.

A lot of times, most entrepreneurs create content for social media. Then they create different content for their long form platform. Then they send a random email that has nothing to do with their current content.

This is why you might be wasting a lot of time creating content and you hate it. Or people say they hate social media because they think they need to create separate content for social. No.

On my website, I have an in-depth training on the simple business content plan that comes with a workbook, which is only $10. And next week I will expand on this plan and how to create quarterly goals based on your simple business content plan. So trust me, all of it fits together.

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