4 Things To Obsess About On Instagram

Today, I have 4 things you should obsess about on Instagram. Yes…I want you to get obsessed with doing these 4 things. Why? These four things will help you get noticed by your audience and loved by your audience. When your audience is ready to buy, they remember YOU!
1. SHOW YOUR FACE. The only way to gain trust with your audience is to show your face…whether it’s on IGTV, stories, LIVE and in your feed posts. Here’s a rule of thumb, for every 9 posts your face should appear at least twice! Why? Well, think about it, when you click on someone’s account you only see the first 9-12 posts. Who will you connect with more? A feed showing someone’s face or a feed showing random photos or product photos. Your face builds connection, so it’s time to get out of your own way and start practicing those selfies.
2. Your Instagram account is about WHO YOU SERVE. It’s not about you! In your bio, I want you to have an “I help” sentence…be specific. Who do you help, what do you help with and how you solve their problem. Your audience wants to know, what’s in it for them! The content you share on Instagram should focus on teaching, educating, relating to and inspiring your audience. Notice I didn’t say “selling.”
3. NURTURE, NURTURE, NURTURE. I want you to obsess over your current followers. Build deep connections with them. Your focus shouldn’t be “getting more followers”, it should be “engage with your current followers.” You goal is to have an engaged audience. You’re better off having 1,000 highly engaged followers versus 10,000 non-engaging followers. An engaged audience, leads to the know-like-trust factor that ultimately leads your audience to work with you.
4. Make your BIO simple and clear. Your bio is not to show off! Make it easy. Who you are, simple title, your “I help” sentence and 1 enticing freebie or a way to connect. And don’t forget your link!
Okay, quick review…get obsessed with showing your face, focusing on who you serve, nurturing like crazy and make your bio simple and clear!
Now before I jet, quick question…do you sit at the computer, stare and wonder what the heck to write? I know, captions can be debilitating, but let me tell you what. I have a secret template I’m willing to gift you! It has 12 captions that will grow your engagement, help entice your audience and help you create content every single week. It’s completely free. Head over to bossladyinsweatpants.com/free-captions. Grab it now and I’ll also send you a bonus link to my free stock photos too!


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