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Welcome back to another hot seat coaching! Today I have the honor of helping Ashley Siljenberg work through her ideal audience and strategize her Instagram content for her current stage in business.

If you’re frustrated with

  • what to post
  • how often to post
  • finding your audience

Momma, you’re gonna want to listen to this episode as soon as possible…I mean, like now.


As I work with Ashley in this episode you’ll see how we:

  • Fine-tune her bio
  • Hone in on her ideal audience
  • Figure out what she wants to be known for
  • Layout what content she should post for the stage her business is in
  • Where else she should look for her audience
  • And more of course!

Are you ready to see how I coach people through finding their audience, what content will be best for them right now, and more? Grab your headphones, a tasty beverage, and hit play because it’s time to dive into some hot seat coaching!


Full Transcript Below!

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