How to identify your ideal audience and get crystal clear on your Instagram objective.

In this episode, I help Jasmine identify her ideal audience and get crystal clear on her niche and Instagram objective.

When you narrow down your audience and get clear on your brand and what you stand for, then it’s so much easier to build community on Instagram.

Listen in on Jasmine’s breakthroughs during our clarity call, and I hope it helps you with some of your own breakthroughs.

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How to identify your ideal audience and get crystal clear on your Instagram objective.



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So what’s the number one thing you want solved today?

I think I’m mostly just trying to figure out how to narrow down who I’m trying to get to my page. I think

On Instagram, narrow down your audience. Yeah. So for you then I think, so your main goal or purpose on Instagram right now is to build community and build an audience and then eventually drive them to your Etsy shop. Correct? Right. Okay. So I did take a peak at your Etsy store. Super cute. So tell me what you do. What do you provide?

So I’m basically making like prints and stickers, both like physical prints and digital prints. Some of them are hand lettered. Some of them are using kind of like different fonts and things that I’ve found that I like to kind of get the field that I want, but basically just kind of like motivational things, I think like for me, and like a big part of like my whole wanting to have like a community and like a story behind it is that I, like I was recently, so I was recently diagnosed with having ADHD. I’m a mom, I have an 18 month old daughter. I also had postpartum depression and like my, you know, me starting the whole Instagram kind of doing like the hand lettering and all this stuff was kind of just like an outlet to kind of want to like reach out to other people who had been through like similar things that I had. So a lot of like my stickers and prints, um, are kind of just things that other like are things that I feel or things that I kind of wish I had heard of like, you know, when I was going through all of this.

Okay. So it’s generating motivation and positivity

For other women, moms who are also suffering from ADHD and postpartum depression. Right. Okay. So is that your main one focus? Do you want to attract other moms who have young children and who feel like they’re just spinning their wheels as a mom they’re overwhelmed and they just need a design or something to uplift their spirits, to hang on their wall, put on their calendar, put on their laptop and just have that in your face. Positivity, those kinds of vibes. Is that what you’re looking to do with your audience? Yeah, that’s exactly it. Okay. I would think that your ideal audience is the overwhelmed mama, right. Because right. I don’t think we wanted the good way of putting it. Yeah. Cause I don’t think we want to focus too much on just the ADHD portion, because honestly, when I looked at your Etsy shop, there was a lot of stuff on there that I liked.

I was like, Oh, that’s so cool. I would love to have that framed. And you know, in front of my desk when I’m got my head down and I’m just working like a crazy rabbit, it’s this refreshing to look up and see that and just put a smile on my face. So I think you’re trying to attract the overwhelmed mama who was doing all the things and just needs that motivation, that brightness in their face. And just, it’s almost like I know I’m not alone and you’re almost connected with other moms who also have that friends on their walls. So is that kind of going with what you’re thinking? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So I think for, um, the, the first thing is for Instagram and don’t worry, I’m going to write all of this out for you as well and send it all to you in a nice little pretty package.

But I think it’s a really good idea when someone goes right to your account, they need to know exactly what’s in it for them. And I think that’s the hardest part with people who struggle with Instagram is they feel that they need to talk about themselves. Well, actually you need to put out what, why you’re there and how you’re going to serve your audience because that’s, what’s going to attract them first. And then they’re going to get to know you through your newsfeed, through your Instagram stories. And IETV all that actually comes later in the beginning. You need to attract them with, um, what’s in it for me. So when I look at your Instagram account, I love your username. It’s the olive and amethyst co cause that’s the name of your business on Etsy, but then you do mention it again in the name, field olive, an amethyst.

And I will tell you, that’s a great opportunity for you to change that to your name because instantly they want to know who you are. So I would put Jasmine and then dash Etsy wall prints because, and the reason why I, and I just did it and I can share my screen in a little bit and show you that name field is searchable in apps or in Instagram. So if anyone is looking for like Etsy stuff or wall prints, that would come up. So that’s what you want to do was have your first name. I think people are going to learn about your ADHD and your postpartum depression stories through your news feed. I don’t think you need that in your bio. What you need in there is how you’re going to attract. I would almost put something like, and we can mess with this. I design feminine, trendy, high quality wall art that brings life to your room. Say goodbye to boring walls. Here we go. I designed feminine trendy, high quality wall art that brings life to your room, say goodbye to boring walls. Hello, cheerful vibes. And then underneath that, you can have the last part. Yeah. And then you can have digital downloads and then we can play with this. If you want to work in the overwhelmed mama, I think you need to somehow work that in.

I do really love the, the hello, cheerful vibes. That’s really cute. Yeah.

Yeah, because then they’re immediately going to know awesome. This is, she had actually shop and I know exactly what I’m going to get. I’m going to get trendy, feminine, high quality prints, and Ooh, digital downloads are available click because some people may not want to deal with shipping. Oh, I can download it and have it immediately. So I think having digital downloads is crucial to have in your bio. And then I love that you have your lean right here. That’s perfect. And I love your vibe. I love all of this. So are these samples of some of your prints? Some of them are. Yeah. Some of them are okay. But I noticed

That you’re getting them. Okay.

That’s great. I think your newsfeed is perfect. I would maybe just add in a couple of categories. I like that you’re showing you show more of you and talk about your journey, your story. Cause that’s how you’re going to relate to the overwhelmed mama. And I would also throw in some behind the scenes photos of you actually like working, designing on your computer, coming up with an idea. I think that would be awesome in here.

Um, for the behind the scenes kind of behind the scenes stuff I’ve done are just in my reels and those are, so those were initially in my feed, but then after awhile I removed them from my feed just because I guess I, it to look more like cohesive.

So I do have that in the reels. I have like one of me like packaging orders. And then I think of one of me just like drawing. Now, if you want to stay cohesive, um, your reels, you can actually create templates in Canva and put cover art. So it doesn’t show up as the video in your newsfeed. You can actually add cover art if you want to stay, because it actually helps your algorithm. If you share it in your newsfeed with your reels. So if you’re doing behind the scenes reels, you’re already above par there. So keep doing that for sure. So how do you feel about this? I feel great. I mean, I think you, like, I mean, yeah, like a lot of good information, I think like before this I’m of course I listened to your podcast. My like overall target was like all over the place.

I was like, I want like planner, girls and girls. I want stickers and like dorm room decor and all this. And I was like, listen to your podcast, talking about like how you need to like narrow it down and kind of stuff. And I was like, yeah, I should narrow it down. So I’m all over the place. And it’s like, I feel like, like it doesn’t like all like, like, I mean, I can have like all the planner, girls follow me in like my stuff, but I don’t really relate to them. I’m not really like showing content. That’s like planner related, you know? Well, I’m also not a college student. Yeah. Well, and there’s something powerful and what you just said, because if you don’t feel driven to do it, then in the end, it’s just not going to work out for you. Like you have to love what you do.

And it sounds to me that you love, you know, reaching out and making connections with other moms and sharing your journey and especially, you know, with the moms who are so overwhelmed and multi-passionate moms and we’re trying to do all the things and those that suffer from ADHD and even in anxiety that they can benefit from this. I know I have anxiety issues sometimes. So it’s just, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the positive vibes and you know, to have that on your wall and just to smile and just to know, there’s another mama out there that’s overwhelmed and she has this on her wall. So we’re like connected in a weird way, even though we may never see each other and know each other face to face. So I think that’s the definitely the brand and the vibe that you’re putting off. And I really like it. I think you’re going to be really successful on Instagram, just growing a community. People are just going to love what you’re putting out there. Yeah. Thank you. I’m really excited. Yeah.

That’s awesome.


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