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Suffering From Content Fog? You Should Be Doing THIS!

Yikes! Content fog or content block is a real thing, especially during the summer months when we want to slow down, relax, and enjoy!

So what do you do when you can’t come up with content ideas for your business?

In this episode I share my #1 quick fix to content fog (and it’s easier than you think!)

But if you’re still wanting help with your content, here are 2 ways we can solve your content fog….

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As we approach mid-summer, I have a question for you: Are you experiencing some sort of content fog?

For me, summertime is when I want to take time away from my business and spend more time with friends and family. Rest and recharge is a common theme for summer.

But as business owners, consistency is key to growth. Consistent content is a big part of business growth. Some of us will experience content fog when the kids are let out of school and summer vacations are in full swing.

What do we do? I have a quick fix to your content fog so you can still enjoy your summer and take time away from your business without losing growth or momentum.

Repurpose existing content

Look back at your long-form content, whether that’s your podcast, videos, or blog posts. Dig through the last 3-6 months of content and give it a tweak.

For example, if you have a podcast episode that’s full of value, tips and strategies, extract one tip or strategy and use it as one piece of content. It isn’t new, but tweak the message and it’s fresh content!

If you have videos full of strategies, extract one strategy from the video and now you have short form video as content.

Most people who interact with your content do not remember what you released or published 6 months ago. Repost it! Put a different spin on it and now you have more content!

You probably already have more content than you know. Dig through it, tweak it and post it!

I give more examples on the show so listen here:

Social media content

Now let’s talk about social media content. You can do the same thing here as well. You can repurpose your posts from three to six months ago, because I guarantee nobody remembers what you posted. Take at look at your social media insights and see which posts had the highest engagement. Repost them! Tweak them. Switch up the captions a bit. Voila, you have a lot of content to repurpose already!

Again, I go into great detail on today’s episode and give great examples on carousels and reels for Instagram, so make sure to listen.

Before you go, I have several options to help you create content quickly. Take your pick:

Grab the 12-month content guide or schedule a Content Clarity Coaching Session with me!

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