Want more Instagram followers and grow your business? To get the RIGHT followers on Instagram you need to pay attention to THESE metrics!

Want More Instagram Followers? Then THESE Metrics Matter

Has your growth on Instagram stalled out? Sick and tired of showing up daily and seeing no growth over time? We all want more Instagram followers and we want the RIGHT followers.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to look at your Instagram Insights and tell you which metrics REALLY matter to grow your Instagram following.

Want more Instagram followers and grow your business? To get the RIGHT followers on Instagram you need to pay attention to THESE metrics!

Full transcription available at the bottom of this blog post

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Full transcription:

Can we be honest for a sec. I know you hear this all the time. You shouldn’t care about the number of followers you have on Instagram. While part of that statement is true. And your reason for being on Instagram, shouldn’t be about the number of followers. But at the end of the day, we do care about that number. And we also want it to grow over time. Do you want to attract more Instagram followers than you need to pay attention to these metrics? Okay. Today’s topic might be a little controversial, but I don’t care because I can almost guarantee that all of you listening to my show still care about the number of followers you have on the gram. And if those numbers are growing, all the experts will tell you the number doesn’t matter and go deep with your current following. I agree with this position to a point because most of those experts have huge followings, well over 10,000 and have been an entrepreneur for probably more than five years. And they have very successful businesses. Yes, they worked hard to get where they are today and amen to them. But for the rest of us who have small numbers and a much smaller audience, we still want to see our numbers grow.

So why are we on Instagram to find people, attract people, make connections, start conversations, build relationships, and ultimately grow our business. Guess what? If we want to grow our audience in business on Instagram, our numbers have to grow. That’s just a fact. So a couple of things that you need to really know, you must understand your ideal person, not only the demographics of your avatar, but also the psychographics. Along with age, race, education, income, location, sex, et cetera, you have to get inside the heads of your ideal client. Think of their activities, interests, attitudes, values, behaviors, and more importantly, their pain points. What frustrates them that you can solve based on this, your content is key on Instagram. And I always suggest that your content falls into three categories. It must either educate team or relate to your ideal person. But how do you know if your content is really connecting to your audience?

And if you’re growing, let’s dive into a couple of metrics you should be paying attention to. So you can grow your numbers over time to see your metrics or Instagram labels them, your insights. You must have a business or creator account. Okay? You’ll want to open up the Instagram app. And from there, click your cute little picture in the bottom right corner to see your account. And the upper right corner are three lines. Click that bad boy. A list will appear and you’ll see insights, click insights, and you should see three options at the top content activity, an audience. There is a lot of info in here, so play around with it. But today we’re focusing on the content section. If you scroll down just a tad to see your posts and to the right, there’s an option to see all click, see all here’s where you’ll see what content your audience is.

Craving. There are three metrics to pay attention to shares, saves, and engagement. Notice. I didn’t say likes or even comments. We’re all about growing our numbers. People okay. First metric to measure and learn from shares. So at the top of your screen, you’ll want to select 30 days and shares. I think 30 days is perfect because it’s current and fresh here. You’ll see what posts are being shared by your audience. Trust me, you want the shares because that’s more eyeballs on you. Once someone shares your post, now their audience sees your content. Secondly, look at your saved posts. What are people saving and coming back to see types of save content, our list, how to use tutorial, steps, et cetera, and then finally engagement. This gives you an overall idea of what content people are seeing, liking commenting, et cetera. So what does these three metrics really tell you?

It tells you the content your audience wants from you. So you need to create more of it. As far as shared and saved content. I have found that infographics, carousels, memes, and quotes, outperforms my other types of content. And as far as engagement, all of these, I just mentioned performed well. In addition to photos of me, that’s why it’s so important to show your face. Here’s the overall lesson. Stop obsessing over the perfectly polished feed and pay attention to the content. Your audience really wants the perfect flat lay photo. Isn’t going to help your numbers grow. If your audience isn’t responding to it. Now, if you don’t have a lot of content out right now, start getting creative and test, test, test infographics, memes and quotes are super-hot right now. Okay? So I just dumped a lot of info on you. If you’re still feeling blank about your content and how you show up at Instagram, I want you to imagine if you had a done for you Instagram plan right now, you have the opportunity to work with me one on one, and I’ll help you clarify your Instagram objectives.

We’ll fine. Tune your bio, define your three brand pillars for Instagram, and then map out a 30 day content strategy. I’ll even give you stack photos and caption templates to compliment your brand no more spinning your wheels and wasting countless hours on your computer or phone. The best part about my method is it can be rinsed and repeated every month. Book your strategy call today. My coaching calls are so inexpensive. It’s really a no brainer. Let’s get you consistent and confident on the gram until next time.

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