Vertical graphic with a blue background. There are clusters of elongated pink dots on the right side about one-third of the way down and on the left side in the bottom corner. In the top center, the Url www dot bosslady in sweatpants dot com is present. The number 6 in yellow is large to the left side in the upper third of the graphic just below the URL. Under this are the words Instagram steps to growth left aligned on two lines slightly overlapping the bottom of the number. how to grow and succeed in 2022 is centered just under this and above a thick pink slash that is also centered. Covering the center of the bottom third of the graphic is the artwork for the podcast Social Media for Mompreneurs that this graphic represents episode 140 titled The BIG Picture to Instagram Growth (Follow These 6 Steps) represented by the blog post titled "Craft Your Unique 2022 Instagram Growth Plan With Ease In 6 Steps'



Ever realize you’re so close to the thing you teach that you have been giving the steps but possibly not how they work together? Let me tell you, I had that happen to me as I’ve been looking forward to 2022 and planning my Instagram growth strategy.  So today you’re getting just me and the 6 steps you need to plan for your own unique strategy for 2022!

If you’re sick of all the post 395,202,353 times day strategies, you’re definitely going to want to listen in today.

We’re going to put together:

  • The Big Picture for Instagram Growth
  • The Big Game For Your Growth Strategy
  • Plus some actionable examples and ideas you can start using now

Prefer Video. Watch The Podcast Instead!



Verticle image with a pier in the center over a body of water. A shoreline can be seen in the distance with the sky in the upper quarter of the photo. This is overlaid with text. The Top has two pink dots with Instagram between them in all caps and centered horizontally. The middle third has the big picture to Instagram growth in all caps centered on 5 lines that are aligned in the center of the pier. Under this is very short pink line centered horizontally with two pink dots with the words follow 6 steps between them also centered horizontally. Just above the bottom of the image is the URL www dot bosslady in sweatpants dot com. This image represents episode 140 of the Social Media for Mompreneurs Podcast titled The BIG Picture to Instagram Growth (Follow These 6 Steps) represented by the blog post titled "Craft Your Unique 2022 Instagram Growth Plan With Ease In 6 Steps'


These 6 steps will be familiar to you if you’ve been following me for any length of time. However, I don’t remember putting them together quite like this before. This is a full picture of what and how to get that big picture growth strategy you want (and need!) for Instagram.

After you’ve finished today’s episode, you’ll craft that rockstar 2022 Instagram growth plan:

  • Using the Big Picture with the 3 C’s to Instagram Growth
  • Get the growth you want without spending hours on the app (or website!)
  • Using the 3 V’s of the big game to up your strategy
  • Simplify your strategy so you can grow with simplicity and ease

And you’re also likely to actually start to enjoy being on Instagram again! You’ll also want to grab a copy of the free Personal Brand Workbook so you can nail the 5 essential elements to a rockin’ brand!

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There’s challenges, caption templates, story templates, stock photos reel templates, and so much more to help you boost your account and get the visibility you desire.

If this is something that you need, get on the waitlist now to secure the launch price. The doors will be open before you know it!


You’ll want to get in there this week– you’ll be hearing from me with a deal I can’t even believe I’m offering!

Now get your beverage and snack. Let’s start getting your 2022 Instagram growth plan in place.





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