Attracting Ideal Clients - how to get that first client and the next - how to market and speak to your ideal client. Featuring the amazon best-selling book, That First Client

Hey ladies, welcome back to the Social Media for Mompreneurs podcast. If you’re struggling with getting that first client or the next this episode is for you. My guest and friend, Jill Celeste, is back on the show. She is an Amazon best-selling author, and she’s the founder of the Celestial University. You’re going to love her because here’s what she does. She teaches female entrepreneurs how to get louder with their marketing so they can attract more clients and live more fulfilling lives. I bet that’s what you want.

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Attracting Ideal Clients - how to get that first client and the next - how to market and speak to your ideal client. Featuring the amazon best-selling book, That First Client

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Hi, Jill. Welcome back.

Hi, Allison. So great to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

I’m excited to have you back. You are a return guest, but it’s been a while. So let’s do a little bit of a refresher. Tell our listeners what you do and what you’re so passionate about.

Well, I am passionate about teaching women, how to get louder in their businesses and in their lives. And what I mean by that, especially for entrepreneurs, is how to market their businesses, share their gifts, attract their ideal clients, and make more money. And I do that through Celestial University, which is an online virtual campus for women entrepreneurs.

We all want to work with clients. You wrote THAT FIRST CLIENT back in 2016, but recently you released your book. So why did you do a re-release?

  • So the first time I published that book, I took imperfect action.
  • I was challenged by my business mentor at the time to write a book in 90 days.
  • It’s been four years; we have new content.

Tell us what we can find in THAT FIRST CLIENT and who should read this.

  • So anyone who needs clients should read this book.
  • If you already have clients but want more.
  • Teach you how to create an efficient and reliable marketing.
  • Never wondering where the next client is going to come from because you have this system in place to be tracking them every day.
  • Book is filled with all these strategies and actionable steps to not only get that first client, but to continue to grow and get more clients over and over.

All entrepreneurs are the directors of marketing for their business. What do you mean by that?

  • We don’t learn about the marketing parts of our business and we get so preoccupied about our trade or our gifts that we don’t put that marketing hat on.
  • Marketing gets you clients.
  • It helps you make the best decisions on what to work on in your business.
  • Ask for the sale.
  • Make a clear Call to Action.

Why is it important for new entrepreneurs to only go after their ideal clients instead of any client that wants to pay for their services?

You end up working with someone who undervalues you and also underpays you.

We cannot be the healer to everyone.

Saying no in those situations, as hard as it is, is the best thing for your mindset because there’s nothing worse then working with a bad client.

Your marketing will have the right messages that will attract those ideal clients.


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