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How To Succeed in Network Marketing with Allison Vercelli

Have you been thinking about getting into network marketing and building a side gig, but you have no idea where to start? This episode is for you! Meet Allison Vercelli, who is a network marketer. Allison spills the beans on all things network marketing.

Allison got into network marketing after being a stay at home mom. Allison did not want anything to do with employment. She always wanted to be there for her children. In the beginning, the thought of network marketing made her scared, and at some point, she believed she was not cut out for that.

Due to her family’s financial strain and her desire to make money from home, she joined network marketing. The first year was hectic, and she had losses, but Allison was able to reach the top 0.1% of her company, and now her passion is empowering other women to take chances, push through their fears, and live the life of their dreams.

Who is Allison (02:18) 

Allison is a work from home mom. She had a successful career until her son was born, and her boss eliminated her position in the company. After five years of being home and raising her children, she became an entrepreneur in the network marketing world.

What is network marketing? (04:33)

Network marketing is basically a distribution channel where instead of the company paying millions of dollars for advertising, or instead of paying an intermediary like a store, they pay the distributors. So essentially, we are marketing and promoting their products. We use a product, we love it, and we share it with everybody.

How did Allison get into network marketing and why did she choose network marketing over traditional jobs? (05:17)

Being a mom, traditional jobs did not work for Allison. She needed to be there for her children all the time and still make some money while still at it.

When Allison found out about network marketing, she was not sure she was a fit, and she was scared until she decided to give rise above her fear. She was able to reach the top 0.1% of her company.

How did Allison succeed in her business? (08:54)

After losing money and having her family at a financial crisis, Allison found inspiration in other women. She was assured that if the other women could succeed, she too had all the reasons to succeed, and after six months, she hit the top 2% of her company?

According to Allison, when you have a really strong reason why you’re doing it, you start to become unstoppable.

What are the secrets for success for network marketers or work from home moms when they are starting in network marketing?Consistency: You have to have consistency, and you have to have discipline. You must learn to enjoy the process and be consistent and stick with it.


Do you agree that network marketing is more of sharing information than selling? (16:07)

Absolutely! Network marketing is about sharing information. You might find people who are good at sales failing in network marketing because all they want to do is sell. Network marketing is sharing a product you love and an opportunity that you believe in.

What advice does Allison have for women considering network marketing or starting a business? (17:50)

Be open because it’s a viable business. It’s a low start-up cost, and there’s unlimited earning potential and be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

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