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Hot Instagram Notes tip today!

There’s a new feature on Instagram called, Instagram Notes. In this episode I share two genius tips on how to use the new feature.

You’ll be able to start conversations with your audience and create new content based on their answers. It’s easier than you think.

Speaking of content, make sure to grab the free Twenty Content Ideas for Social Media. Sometimes you just need an idea spark the creation process!

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graphic with a photo of a person holding a phone next to a coffee mug with text: how to use Instagram Notes


Hey friend, welcome back to another bonus episode, and as I’m sitting here in my PJs with my coffee, I want to share with you a great tip on Instagram Notes.

What are Instagram Notes?

So in the last few weeks, I have received a couple dms or messages on the new feature, Instagram notes. So if you don’t know what this is, it’s when you go to the Instagram dms or your messages, you are going to see face bubbles at the top, just like you do for Instagram stories. And these face bubbles will have a little message.

And when you click on that message, it opens a private DM with that message. And normally it’s a quick little message. I don’t remember how many characters you get, but you don’t get that many, I want to say like 60 characters. But you’re going to see a bunch of these messages. or a quick little notes from people.

A lot of them are generic. People are just saying hi or How’s your day or Happy Wednesday, which I don’t see the point of that. So I had the question of what do I do with the Instagram notes? So I produced two ideas or two hot tips for you. To utilize the note feature to get communication rolling in your dm.

Instagram Notes Tip 1

So there’s two different things that you can do. What you can do is you can ask a question related to your audiences, like main struggle or frustration, but make sure that that question. Points back to a freebie that you can offer that person to get that person on your email list. So, for example, I just created a brand new freebie.

It is 20 content ideas for social media. Hint, hint, you can snag that in the show notes. I’m going to put that in there for you. But I, I’ve done this a few times where in my IG notes I asked the question. Would you like 20 free content ideas for social media? I mean, what a great opportunity for someone to click on that and go, yes, I do.

So if they respond, yes, now I have a one-on-one DM going with that individual. So what am I going to do? I’m going to follow up in the dms with that person and say, I just created this brand new freebie. Here’s the link. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what content ideas you’re going to start with. Like start a conversation around the question and then just let it be.

Let the conversation naturally flow after that. So that’s the first tip. Ask a question that if they say yes or give you an answer and it can point back to a freebie, and that freebie can help that person. That’s one.

Tip 2

Another tip is to take a quick poll in your IG notes so you can ask, you know, what are you struggling with more, and then this or that.

So for example, I can say, what are you struggling with more? Producing content ideas or writing the content, right? Based on their answers, I can see who responds to that. And then I can let them know, you know, thank you for answering this. This is so interesting. I am going to create content based on your answer.

The follow up

Now, the trick to this is you need to follow through. So if you take a poll and you find that maybe 70 or 80 or percent of your audience is answering one way, create content built around that and then make sure you follow up with your audience. Create a post around there, follow up with them in the dms and.

You know, a few days ago you answered my poll. Just want to let you know I created a post to answer your question. Here’s a link to the post if you’re interested. Like what an easy way to not only get to know your audience, but now you get to create content around it. And then you also get to use IG notes to point your audience in the direction of.

Freebies, like, how awesome is that? So those are my two tips on how to use IG notes. Let me know if you’re going to start doing this, and I wouldn’t use IG notes like every day. You don’t want that bubble popping up in people’s dms constantly with all these constant questions. , I would maybe utilize it once or twice a week.

I think that’s plenty just to test it out, see if your audience answers, and they might not always answer, because those IG notes are only up for 24 hours. Just like your Instagram stories. So that is the two tips. Go ahead and grab the twenty social media content ideas in the show notes.

12-Month Content Guide

And I also want to let you know the pre-sale is happening right now for the 12 month content guide.

I am working on this, and it will be released on February 14th, but this is going to be your all-in-one workbook planner and idea generator of content. It’s going to have over 48 pieces of long form content ideas like, hello, here is your full year of content ideas. It’s also going to have 60 caption prompts, 60 social media Canva templates, and I’m even going to mix.

Some fun national holidays that have to do with like business growth, entrepreneurship, and I’m going to provide captions for those national holidays to help you boost engagement on social media. So you want to get into the show notes. Grab that link for the presale, because right now I’m offering it for only $14.

We are talking an entire year’s worth of content in a workbook, a planner. All your ideas, all your prompts, all your national holidays. For $14 on February 14th, the price is going to jump to 47, so go snag it now, get the presale, and then on the 14th you will be getting an email from me with your content for the year.

So that’s all I have for you today. That’s my little bonus tip for you. And if you guys start using IG notes, let me know and let me know how it goes for you, and I will see you next time.

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