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Are you sick and tired of playing the Instagram game? It seems every time we open the Instagram app there’s a new feature, update or a change to the algorithm. I’m tired of trying to keep up with the Instagram game and I bet you are too!

I’ve decided I’m not following the “rules” anymore and create my own long-term strategy game! I’m going to show up the way I want to, but in a way that it still grows my audience and gets the reach and engagement.

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Here’s how I’m doing it and you too can STEAL my Instagram Content Strategy!

First, we know that video will dominate Instagram. So I’m going to use that to my advantage. But I’m not talking about posting Reels every day and that’s it, because I don’t think that will work in the long run.

So here’s my strategy:

Video will be my main piece of content for Instagram, and I will repurpose the video into different formats and sprinkle that content throughout the week.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • 1 long-form video (5-10 minutes) > from this video I will pull a quote, a carousel and a couple Reels
  • I will also repurpose this video on YouTube and pull the audio and use it for my podcast in addition to the typical interview episodes.

Basically, I’m coming up with content for my Main platform, which is my podcast. I create video for my main content and repurpose on my secondary platform, which is Instagram.

Here’s my monthly strategy:

4 videos a month, 1 video a week.

  • From these videos I’ll repurpose the content into reels, quotes and carousels.
  • Then I’ll sprinkle in 2 promo posts a month and 2 collab posts a month, which will be my podcast interview episodes

From 4 videos a month and content from my podcast, I’m getting 20 posts a month through the power of repurposing!

And all of this is done on my terms!



If you want to feel good about Instagram and show up the way you want to show up, steal my strategy and take advantage of video:

  1. Create video from your main content platform (blog, podcast, etc.)
  2. Repurpose bits of your video content into other formats and sprinkle it throughout the week/month
  3. Throw in a few posts that showcase your products/services or freebies or collaborate with other people.

I’m not creating content for Instagram. I’m repurposing my main platform content (podcast) through the power of video!

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