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Ready to get more visible in 2022! I know I am. Which is why I am so excited to share today’s podcast with you! My guest today, Lisa Simone Richards, breaks down the most important information you need to know right now,

Lisa helps us understand:

  • The difference between producing content and actually getting visible
  • The A, B, C’s of getting visible
  • The types of media you can be featured on

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Lisa tells us about her story, which includes Teem Magazine (if you know, you know!), as well as working with startups and agencies.


Listen to find out more about getting visible including:

  • Lisa’s 3 rung ladder of publicity
  • The difference between each of the letters in Lisa’s alphabet
  • A free, quick way to pick out your first media type (It’s a quiz!)

About Our Guest:

Lisa is a PR & Visibility Strategist for coaches who want to get more eyes on their business. Through her free workshops, masterclasses and mentorship program, she gives you the insider secrets on how to get exposure and reach more people without spinning your wheels on social media or wasting money on Facebook ads.

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