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How to Ignite Your Happiness and Purpose and Achieve Contentment

Are you happy? Do you know your purpose? Have you achieved daily contentment?

It’s easy to be misled on what happiness is with the bombarding messages from social media and advertisements. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to clarify your happiness. Today’s show will give you the roadmap and the tools to figure it out.

Anthony Poponi is a happiness expert, energetic professional speaker, funny workplace consultant and founder of Focus on the 40 programs and resources. He specializes in putting joy in our workplaces and in our communities through workshops and keynotes that leave his audiences buzzing. Being a hard act to follow on stage is always his goal.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The roadmap to more happiness, purpose, and fulfillment.
  • The two elements of happiness and the ultimate definition.
  • The misleading messages on happiness.
  • How Fear and stress play a role.
  • How to measure your happiness.
  • An intentional daily practice to maintain happiness.

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Main takeaways from the Interview


Anthony does a great job sharing the roadmap to more joy, purpose and fulfillment. He is fascinated with the science behind Humor and Positive Psychology.

What is Happiness?

According to Anthony, happiness has two elements. One is the feeling of fun, joy, and elation. The feeling of a positive 10. The second element is fulfillment. This is when we stop between the highs and lows of the day and ask ourselves, “do I have pride, purpose, and pleasure in what I’m doing day to day.”

For him, to be happy comes down to contentment. How do you feel about your life and be introspective with it.

It’s easy to be misled on how to be happy with the news, advertisements, and social media. We are constantly bombarded with messages, including the people around us and our own brains. Social media and ads can trigger negative emotions or FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Anthony says to have candid conversations with ourselves and ask the hard questions. He cautions on the trap of doing what everyone else is doing.

Fear is being misdirected to the things that don’t help our happiness. It induces stress and if you bath in stress it can raise your blood pressure. Remember, fear is just a tool.

How to measure Happiness

Here are two ways to measure your Happiness.

Pillars of a Balanced Life – once a year

True Happiness Test – use it today, in a week, in 3 months, in one year.


What can you do today? It takes an intentional practice to be happy. Anthony suggests once a day asking ourselves, “what 3 things went well today and what did I do to make them happen?”


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