The Power of Pinterest | Raquell Barton

The Power of Pinterest with Raquell Barton


Have you been wondering how you can use Pinterest to your advantage? Today, you are in for a treat. Our guest Raquell is here to help us understand the ins and outs of Pinterest.

Raquell Barton is a virtual assistant who specializes in Pinterest management. She is here to explain to us how we use Pinterest to better our businesses.


Listen in and learn.


Is Pinterest marketing right for business? (03:40-04:21)

Pinterest is a virtual search engine. If your ideal clients hang out on Pinterest, then Pinterest marketing is for you. Also, you need to find out if it aligns with your goals.


How do you get started with Pinterest? (04:54-08:23)

The first step is to create a Pinterest business account. A business account is better than a personal account since it helps you view the analytics and even allows you to keep pins a secret when you don’t want them to be seen by other people.


How much time do you need to invest in Pinterest marketing? (08:38- 17:35)

The amount of time that you invest in Pinterest depends on your goal. Come up with a strategy and decide how often you’ll be pinning. Feel free to recycle pins with different descriptions.

You might be wondering if it is okay to one pin across multiple boards. It is totally okay!


Why should someone hire a Pinterest manager? (19:45- 20:47)

Pinterest can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the time and the know-how to manage the account. Also, it will allow you to work with an expert.


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