Want more sales? Are you doing this #1 money making activity?

Hey friend!

Want more sales?

Are you ready to find out what the #1 money making activity is?

You might already be doing it, but are you doing it right? Ok, today, we’re talking about email marketing, and you might be thinking… yeah, yeah Allison, I know email marketing is important…but do you?

Today, I’m joined by the fun, headband wearing, nineties loving email strategist, Liz Wilcox! How about we write emails that people want to read, and more importantly, purchase from us!

If you’re like, yes, then this episode is for you and before we dive in, I want to tell you about a new digital product I created to help you plan and create better content for your business.

Introducing the digital content planner

The 12-month calendar makes it EASY to plan and map out your content.  Within the digital content planner, each page is linked for easier navigation! Month by month, you’ll have the ability to map out your monthly content. You’ll also have the ability to use the weekly sheets to specify your main topic, social media platforms, even your emails (hint, hint) and the types of posts you’ll create.

This digital content planner also has over 40 content ideas to make the content creation process easier and faster! And it also comes with a video tutorial.

Now, get ready to discover:

  • What is the mindset shift you need when it comes to email marketing
  • The email staircase
  • 3 types of emails to send your list


Prefer video? Watch here.

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Excerpt from the interview:

Liz: What Allison said about shifting your mindset is key and what I you to burn this into your brain.

Email marketing is a money making activity.

I’m going to say that again. Email marketing is a money making activity! When you can switch your mind from, “oh my gosh, email marketing. I don’t have time to untangle it,” to “email is a money making activity and I’m getting on this gravy train,” then it’s not going to be so hard to write an email.

Flip your thought from, “What am I going to say? What am I going to write?” to “ I’m really excited to connect with some folks today.” That’s the mindset piece.

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