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3 Things You Need on Instagram to Attract the RIGHT People


Struggling with growth and visibility on Instagram? Trying to go viral with trending reels? Reels are not the answer to long-term growth or attracting the right people to your account.

Today’s episode, I share the 3 things you need on Instagram to attract the right people. It’s all about strong foundations, one of them being your bio.

I share what absolutely needs to be in your Instagram bio, what to focus on, and how to niche within your content!

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Hey friend!

Today we are going to dive into the three things you need on Instagram to attract the right people. I was drawn to record this quick episode for you, because just a few days ago, I was on an interview for an upcoming mompreneur summit, which I can’t wait to share that information with you coming later this fall.

But one of the questions that I got on the summit was this,

where should one start when it comes to marketing their business/brand on Instagram?

And do you know what? I love this question because the answer is simple.

It’s the 3 things that you need on Instagram to attract the RIGHT people!

We are in such a hustle culture and in a sea of strategies on Instagram (and on all the social media platforms.) You’re hearing so many strategies for TikTok, Facebook groups and strategies on how to build a brand and get more visibility on Instagram. Right?

I know I have come on this show in the past and have shared a lot of strategies with you, but what is the point of all those strategies if we don’t have some foundations in place to attract the right people? Let’s think about it.

What is the point of creating a viral, trending reel and getting all the views, all the likes, and some followers?

But when you really look at all those people that are liking and seeing you’re reel, and even following they are mostly random people. I bet a lot of them are the bots that annoy us on Instagram.

So what is the point of going so-called “viral”? If we are not getting the right people, interacting with our reels, videos, posts or Instagram stories, hat is the point of all that work? If we’re not getting the right people, they’re not going to convert to leads or possible customers down the road.

So I want to share with you today, the three key ingredients that you need to nail from the get go.

First, start with your Instagram bio.

You want to optimize your Instagram bio to attract the right people. Start with the name field. This is not your account name or username.

This is the name that appears under your picture in your profile. When you edit your profile, you can edit your name field. I highly recommend your first name and a searchable title. I want you to think, “what would your audience search for online?” You want to have SEO terms in that name field, because it is searchable.

When someone clicks on the search button or the magnifying glass on Instagram and searches terms like, wellness or nutrition, or virtual assistant, someone has a better chance of getting discovered. Have searchable, SEO words in your name field. Now let’s get into your bio a little more.

The second thing that you must clarify is your messaging.

Your messaging within your bio needs to be clear. Who do you serve, what is the mean problem they have, and what is your solution? Your brand message needs to be evident within your Instagram bio.

Your bio needs to focus on your audience because your audience wants to know what’s in it for them! How are you the solution to their problem?

The third thing that you absolutely must have on Instagram to attract the right people is great content.

Do you have content pillars?

They are important if you want to be memorable and recognizable.

You should only be talking about a few things online. What do you want to be known for when someone interacts with your content, or someone is checking out your profile? Here’s an example. Maybe we have a wellness coach. Now that’s a broad niche, right? That is an excessively big industry or area that you will find on Instagram.

There are a lot of wellness coaches. But let’s narrow in and let’s go a little deeper. Let’s define content pillars for that wellness coach. What do you want to be known for? What’s going to make you stand out?

Why are people going to come for you? What are your content pillars going to be? Is it going to be based on nutrition, recipes and supplements? Is that what you want to be known for? Or maybe this wellness coach wants to be known for fitness, macros and intermittent fasting. The more specific you are with your content pillars, the more attractive you are.

Think about your niche or your industry and how can you get more specific within your content pillars? Stick to those content pillars when you’re creating content for Instagram.

I’ve come to learn that immediate gratification online means nothing.

That viral reel means nothing. Those random people are never going to work with you or collaborate with you if they are not your people. Stick to your content pillars, stick to your brand messaging. Slow growth is key.

When it comes to building visibility and building your presence online, you need to be patient. I know in today’s world, that is hard.

These are the three things that you must have in place on Instagram.

If you want to attract the right people, audit your bio, especially the name field.

I want you to have a clear, to-the-point brand message in your Instagram bio.

And then define your content pillars!

If your head is still swimming with all of this, I am hosting a three day content workshop at the end of September.

The purpose is to help you banish the content burnout. Let’s create less, but better content and streamline it across all your platforms. We will get into your messaging, your content pillars, and I will teach you how to map out all your content and how to repurpose your best content.

Wouldn’t it feel great not to show up all the time on social, but know your content is working for you?!

I think it’s time to create less, but better content and get back to the things that really matter in our lives.

The pre-sale is still happening! Mark your calendar for September 28th through the 30th. I will see you there.

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