Hustle Mentality is not sustainable | Lindsay Maloney


Why the Hustle Mentality is not Sustainable for Business with Lindsay Maloney


You have to hustle to make it, or you have to hustle to grow your business. How many times have you heard these phrases? Hustle is not sustainable for business. Our guest Lindsay Maloney educates us on how to get over the hustle mentality.

Lindsay is a business and success coach. Also, she’s a rapid transformational practitioner, and she helps coaches do the inner and the outer work so they can create and scale their coaching businesses with simplicity.

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Why the word hustle doesn’t resonate with Lindsay? (02:32-08:36)

Lindsay believes that you don’t have to work for 18 hours a day for you to succeed or grow your business. All you need to do is tap into your intuition and find out what feels right.


How can you grow a business without a hustle? (09:05-11:29)

You don’t need to work for many hours a day to make things happen. If you have great systems, you’ve learned from people who can teach you things that work, and you have a great support team, then you will be able to do things.


How can you get out of hustle mentality? (12:02-14:13)

Your value is not tied to a dollar sign. You are so much more than a dollar sign or an enrollment number in your program or clients. Stop putting yourself up to these things that you have no control over. If you have things on your to-do list that don’t match up with your vision, they need to go somewhere else.


Memorable Quotes from the Episode:

“Your value is not tied to a dollar sign.”

“You don’t need that many hours a day to make things happen.”

“Go back and think to yourself, does it fit your why?”


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