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Are you avoiding using videos for marketing your business? You’re not alone, but there are ways to master video that don’t require you to hire a pro or buy extra stuff.

The good news is that you can use your phone for most (if not all) of the videos that will help you and your business stand out to your ideal people. My guest today, Heather Hakuri, has been using video for more than 20 years.

Today Heather is sharing how you can use your phone to make those marketing videos, even if your scared of doing it right now. We talk about:

  • a way to start getting comfortable with video
  • a great place to post your videos to start gaining more confidence
  • some favorite editing apps

Like watching better than listening? Here’s the video of our conversation on making marketing videos with just your phone



Photo of Heather Hukari, a white female with short blonde hair, holding a smartphone in a horizontal position. Words Confidently Master Video are below her photo.

With video being many users preferred way to consume information of any kind, it’s almost mandatory to have this skill for every business. You’ll hear Heather’s background (remember camcorders?) and how it lead her to making her living doing video/

You’ll also come away with answers to:

  • Do ads with people looking polished and professional do better than ones with people looking like “normal” people?
  • Which comes first? Doing video or being confident when doing video?
  • What is one of the most power videos you can have (hint, you don’t have to record a thing)?

Once you’ve listened to this powerfully encouraging talk about using video marketing, I know you’re going to connect with Heather to keep learning. You can find her:

  • By email
  • On Instagram
  • On Facebook
  • Her course (use my affiliate code bosslady to save 25%! Also, just a reminder. Using this code may get me a reward of some kind for referring you. It doesn’t make the original price any higher, and I love that I am able to offer you that discount!)

Now, go ahead and hit play. I’m excited to share just how simple video marketing can be!




Full Transcript Below!

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