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With all its features, do you struggle to figure out where to focus with your Instagram content strategy? You’re not alone, sister. I get this question more times than you’d believe.

Should you focus on static posts like carousels or single images? Should you do reels and IGTvs? Where do stories even fit into it all?

You know we’re going to cover all of that today!

In today’s episode, we’ll cover:

  1. What reach and growth are
  2. The difference between reach and growth
  3. What your Instagram content focus strategy should be based on which of those you want
  4. My big announcement

And you know we’re going to do it all with simplicity and control. We didn’t start this entrepreneur thing to live on socials all day, every day!


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I also have an exciting announcement in this episode. The details are also below! I can’t wait to hear what you think about what’s coming!

You’ll Learn How To Get The Results You Want On Instagram:

  • By defining what your content focus should be based on what you want from Instagram
  • Then you’ll define the percent of each type of post you need depending on if you’re wanting reach, growth, or both
  • You’ll also figure out how stories plays into all of these Instagram content focus strategies
  • Plus you’ll have the opportunity to get in as a founding member of my newest thing which you can read about below!

So, before we jump in, let me tell you all about this exciting announcement. Ready?


Have you wished for one place to go to get all things Instagram?

Want a community of strong, driven, amazing women who also want to grow and thrive on Instagram?

How about having access to an Instagram coach you can “ping” when you have a question?

All that and MORE is coming, friend!

Yes, I have a membership on the way.

Introducing the Insta-Accelerator Academy!

This is your ultimate membership community for mompreneurs!

What’s going to be in it? I’m so glad you asked!

This membership includes:

  • Tons of branding and Instagram bundles created by yours truly so you can make your moves on the ‘Gram with simplicity, ease, and confidence
  • Monthly live masterclasses including relevant Instagram news, updates, and strategies to keep up with the changes that seem to happen on the daily
  • Guest expert training and masterclasses to help us all learn more
  • Monthly live coaching calls with me so you can get your questions answered
  • A private Facebook community full of mompreneurs like you that you can connect with for support
  • Challenges, caption templates, story templates, and Reel templates for those days when you don’t know what to post

The best part?

Founding members will get all this for less than the cost of a manicure!

To be sure you lock in the exclusive early bird price you need to get on the waitlist now.

Ready to explode on Instagram with ease and confidence?

Go to to hop on the waitlist.


Are you as excited as I am to build this community?

And now, let’s grab a beverage and talk about how to focus our Instagram content strategy to get the results we want!



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