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Does hearing the words “launch strategy” make you want to curl up in a ball with exhaustion just thinking about all the organizing, prep, emails, social media posts and stress? The good news is launching can be different. And that all starts with a good pre-launch content strategy.

My friend and strategic copywriter Brenna McGowan is here today to show us how to ease the stress of launching with this type of content strategy. She’s been on several times before and she always brings the golden nuggets to make our copy easier to do. Today she shares:

  • What is a pre-launch content strategy
  • How a pre-launch strategy is different from a waitlist (Hint: it generally works better!)
  • Why you need a prelaunch strategy


Love Video? Watch Brenna and I as we chat about pre-launch strategy.



Photo of Brenna McGowan, a white female with blonde hair. A pink retangle has the words New Episode with the words Why You Need A Pre-Launch Strategy under that.


I just know that you’ll not just love Brenna, you’ll love all the stress that this pre-launch method will remove from your next launch! She’s not just a strategic copywriter, she’s a marketing consultant and launch expert.

You’ll get her expertise on launching as she shares:

  • How much content you need during pre-launch
  • What are the four main components your pre-launch content should hit
  • What are the three beliefs your person needs to have in order to become a paying customer
  • How you can sell with less scarcity and urgency tactics

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Ready to listen to all the pre-launch goodies Brenna shares in this episode? Get your favorite beverage and something to jot down all the ah-ha moments the hit play!


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